Your opinion matters to us

We have recently asked a company called TLF Research to conduct a satisfaction survey on our behalf.

We thought you might like to know a little bit more about TLF just in case they give you a call.

TLF specialises in running satisfaction surveys and helping organisations understand what they need to do to be better.

They work with different businesses including some well- known names such the Co-op and, Direct Line.

They also work with lots of housing associations. This means that they understand the type of information that will help us improve.

We worked closely with TLF to come up with a questionnaire that will be easy to complete on the telephone and gives you the chance to have your say. We took time to make sure the questions covered the things that matter to you so we ask about quite a few topics.

TLF follows a special Code of Conduct for researchers.  The Code makes sure that you, and any information you share, is treated with respect. For example, they will always check if you want your feedback to be anonymous or not.

It is really important to us that we gather views from everyone. To do this TLF makes calls during the day and into the early evening. By doing this they get feedback from anyone who is not available during the day. They will not call later than 8.30pm.

If you miss a call from TLF you do not need to worry. They will call you back at another time. They will never expect you to call them so you do not need worry about any cost.

The interviewers understand that your time is precious. They will arrange to interview you at a time that suits you.

The interviewers come from all walks of life. Many of them have worked for TLF for years because they enjoy talking to people and find the work so interesting.

TLF tell us that their interviewers enjoy talking to housing association tenants because they are friendly and happy to give feedback not only when things are going well but even when things aren’t always going to plan.

Your opinions matter to us. We will dedicate time to reading all your scores and comments to understand how you feel and what we need to do differently.

TLF is looking forward to getting to know you and we are looking forward to finding out what you think.

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“We couldn’t have navigated the benefits system without the fantastic help we received from Warrington Housing Association’s Money Adviser”

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“I felt like a big weight had been lifted off my shoulders and that I had somebody on my side”

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“Warrington Housing Association’s Whia service is great, as it helps people stay in their own home, and this is really complimented by the fact that you are then introduced to their other services like the LifeTime centre – which shows they really care for the community they work in.”

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“Our home is in a quiet neighbourhood with lovely neighbours – which makes such a difference. But equally, Warrington Housing Association has always been really helpful”

Patrick and Heather, WHA residents

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