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Welcome to our repairs section, where  you can find information on the available services.

For further information on other aspects of the repairs service, please select from the options listed on the left, however, if you have any other query or you want to talk to us, please call on 01925 246810 or email

For emergency out of hours repairs, please call 0151 343 4223 .

Repair & Adaptation Responsibilities

  • Our Repair Responsibilities

    • Repairs to main structure including roof, chimneys/flues, walls, doors, windows, gutters and drains
    • Repairs to service installations including electric, gas, central heating, plumbing and any lift service
    • Fixtures and fittings including sanitary goods, kitchen units, floor and wall tiles that we have fitted, electrical switches and sockets, internal joinery and fittings

    Repair Timescales

    From the time you report a repair it is our target to complete it within the following timescales:

    • Routine repairs – Within 21 working days e.g. general joinery & plumbing work.
    • Urgent repairs – Within 3 working days e.g. where an essential facility is lost or further damage may result, such as loss of heating, serious roof leaks or blocked drains.
    • Emergency repairs – attendance within 4 hours and completion within 24 hours e.g. where there is immediate danger to health or safety, such as impact or storm damage causing structural instability, total loss of mains water, gas leak, blocked flue, burst water main, flooding, total loss of electricity supply, fire damage, breaches of security to external doors & windows.

Your Repair Responsibilities

The following list identifies the repairs tenants are responsible for :-

As a tenant it is your responsibility to look after your home and keep it in a good condition and not cause any damage to the property and fixtures and fittings. It is also your responsibility to also make sure that your visitors don’t cause any damage.  Your tenancy agreement sets out our responsibilities and also what we expect from you.

When you move into your home some minor repairs to your home are your responsibility. If you report a repair that is your responsibility we will tell you when you contact us that this is your responsibility.  In some instances we may advise you of the cost for us to carry out the work. If you do want WHA to carry out this work for you, we would expect payment in advance before we would complete any work. To make it easier for you payments can be taken over the phone.

Repairs that are your responsibility


  • Replacing toilet seats
  • Repairs to your own equipment such as washing machines, fridges, cookers etc.
  • Work arising from faulty workmanship carried out by a tradesman you have used
  • Providing plugs to sinks and baths
  • Bath panels
  • Blockages to sanitary appliances caused by you
  • Bleeding radiators and resetting heating controls?


  • Lost keys and replacement lock due to lost keys and any work resulting in lost keys
  • Fitting any extra locks or safety catches
  • Refitting or trimming down internal doors after fitting carpets or flooring
  • Putting up any curtain rails or battens
  • Releasing windows that are stuck after internal painting
  • Replacing or repairing any coat hooks
  • Repairing internal door handles
  • Draft proofing
  • Re-glazing or replacement glass in broken windows and doors as a result of accidental damage


  • Resetting trip switches
  • Providing extra electrical sockets after seeking permission.
  • Replacing light bulbs and sealed light bulbs in bathrooms, unless they are in a communal area or in a retirement scheme.
  • Repairing any electrical faults caused by appliances owned by you

If you are unable to do these repairs due to a disability please contact us and we may be able to help.


  • Whilst we will decorate the outside of your home on a regular basis, it is your responsibility to decorate the inside of your home on a regular basis
  • Making good any decoration due to your own improvements or due to any leaks from your own appliances or appliances of other tenants (this is generally in blocks of flats)

We would expect you to have your own contents insurance to cover the cost of any damage to your furniture and décor caused by leaks, fire, flood etc.  


  • Paving or flagging apart from the main path and paving adjacent to your home
  • Replacing or maintaining any washing lines or individual rotary driers
  • Your own TV aerial system and satellite system

If you have also carried out any home improvements with our permission such as a conservatory, it is your responsibility to maintain these (unless otherwise agreed)

For any queries about what repairs are your responsibility please call us on 01925 246810.

Please note : If the Association carries out the above repairs on your behalf you may be recharged for the cost of any works.

All tenants also have the right to carry out certain improvements and alterations to their home after seeking our permission, this is explained in your tenancy agreement. 


Disabled Adaptations

Warrington Housing Association provides a high-quality aids and adaptations service to enable tenants with disabilities to live safely and independently in their home.

‘Minor adaptations’ such as grab rails, handrails and additional steps can be arranged through our Customer Support team on 01925 246810

Larger adaptation such as wet rooms or stair lifts will need to be applied for through Warrington Borough Councils ‘Access to Social Care Team’ via one of the following options:

As part of Business Plan, Warrington Housing Association committed to increasing our stock by 100 properties over 5 years. In the last 12 months, we have completed developments across a number of our sites. Below you will find images of our progress at these sites.

Disrepair Information

We are aware that many of our residents are contacted by various disrepair claim companies promising to win them compensation by making a disrepair claim against Warrington Housing Association. 

The goal of these companies is to make money by generating referrals to solicitors who will pay hundreds of pounds for each case that is sent to them, whether there is a genuine claim or not.

We want you to understand your rights and know how to resolve any disrepair issues directly with us.

What’s the issue?

Disrepair claims companies have been targeting housing association tenants with the promise of compensation on a no win, no fee basis. 

They will try to persuade you that your home requires repair and will often use tactics such as claiming they work on behalf of Warrington Housing Association to try and gain access to your property. 

We are told they can be very forceful and will expect you to sign a contract straight away. 

What’s the reality?

If you agree to go ahead with the claim, the disrepair claim company will send your details to a solicitor, who will pay them a referral fee.

Disrepair claims can take a long time to resolve, in some cases up to two years. Solicitors often advise residents not to allow us (Warrington Housing Association) access to your property to carry out repairs. This means it can take longer for the repairs to be completed and you could also be in breach of your tenancy agreement if you followed this advice. 

Contracts with solicitors usually set out charges that you would be liable for if you decided to withdraw the claim, for example survey and credit agreement charges. Additionally, you could be liable for Court costs if the claim is unsuccessful.

The only winners in these cases are the disrepair claims companies and the solicitors whose fees and costs often far exceed any compensation that is awarded.

Some residents even end up losing money – take a look at the recent news from another local housing provider: Meritless-disrepair-claim-costs-torus-tenant

What are your rights?

You do not have to let claim company representatives into your home. If anyone comes to your home saying they are from Warrington Housing Association, always ask to see their ID as all WHA colleagues & contractors carry a photo ID card. WHA and its contractors will always arrange appointments in advance so you should be suspicious of any unscheduled visits. You could also contact us on 01925 246810 to check before speaking with the visitor. 

You do not have to sign a contract immediately. Always read through any documents including all the small print before signing them. Make sure you understand all the terms and conditions. If you don’t understand anything, ask for clarification. 

You can change your mind. If you sign a contract during a home visit or even afterwards by post, you have a legal right to cancel the contract within 14 days without any consequences. This cooling off period is a legal requirement for all contracts that are entered into remotely, even if this is not set out in writing.

What can you do if you have genuine disrepair in your home?

WHA is committed to keeping its properties in a good state of repair. If you have any outstanding repairs or feel you have a case of disrepair in your home, we urge you to report it to us so we can investigate the situation and put things right. 

The easiest way to report a repair is by visiting: Report a Repair

If you are unhappy with any aspect of our service, please speak to us first so we can try to reach a solution. Further information can be found at Complaints, comments & questions

Alternatively you can telephone our customer service team on 01925 246810

Damp & Mould Information

The tragic death of Awaab Ishak in Rochdale will have shocked and saddened many of our colleagues and customers.  It’s important that as your landlord, we respond to issues of damp and mould in an effective way.  Working together with you, we can identify any issues and resolve them quickly.

If you are concerned about the potential of damp and mould in your home and the potential impact on your health, then please contact us

Please also see our Damp and Mould Policy

Watch the healthy homes video for top tips around avoiding Damp and Mould –

The Healthy homes booklet is available for download in English. Click here to download.

The Healthy homes guide is available for download in English. Click Here to download.

This booklet is also available in six different languages. Feel free to email us at for a copy in your preferred language, choosing from Arabic, Urdu, Polish, Romanian, Punjabi, or Bengali.

What Warrington Housing Association are doing

We are a small locally based Housing Association and we pride ourselves on the fact that we know the homes that our customers live in. However, we are not complacent. 

Every year we complete stock condition surveys (20% of our homes per annum).  We use these surveys to help us budget for long-term costs such as replacing kitchens, bathrooms, double glazing etc (the sorts of things that will help prevent damp and mould).  The surveys are also used to pick up on any immediate repairs required which are then reported and resolved in line with our published target times.   Colleagues who complete these surveys would pick up any issues of damp and mould and instigate the necessary action. 

Our office, telephone and website portal are available to our customers to report concerns about damp and mould alongside other general repairs.  Out of hours, customers can report repair issues via our 24 hour hotline  0151 343 4223

In addition to all of this, we recognise that there is always more that we can do:

  • We ask all our contractors to feed back any observations about damp and mould, even if their visit is not directly related to this matter.
  • We will look to target our future stock condition surveys which (due to property type) might be of higher risk of damp and mould.
  • We will ensure that all our frontline staff undertake refresher training to increase awareness and understanding of damp and mould.
  • As part of our new tenant/current tenant visit process, our officers will check for evidence of damp and mould in our customers’ homes.
  • We will use our website, newsletter and other forms of communication to raise awareness of damp and mould with our customers.
  • We will engage with our scrutiny panel (WHASP) regarding our approach, seek their views and ask them to be our tenants’ voice in these matters.
  • We will continue to offer Money Advice Services to provide advice and support to customers who might be struggling to heat their homes due to the current cost of living crisis.

We will report all cases of damp and mould to our Board, including all actions being taken.

Our Ask of you 

There are four main causes of damp that could occur in your home:

  • Condensation causes damp areas by soaking into absorbent surfaces like wallpaper and paint.  These damp areas often attract black mould. This is the biggest cause of damp in homes and is easily prevented.
  • Rising damp is caused by water rising from the ground, but most homes are protected against this through Damp Proof Courses (DPCs).
  • Structural defects, such as missing roof tiles, cause penetrating damp. This is usually found on external walls or ceilings following rain
  • Leaky water and waste pipes. This will make affected areas look and feel damp regardless of the weather conditions outside.

First and foremost, if you have any concerns about damp and mould in your home, please contact us.  Equally, if you have any repair issues that might result in damp or mould, these should be reported to us immediately.   This will help us undertake necessary repairs and maintenance to prevent the issue reoccurring.  

Condensation is by far the most common cause of dampness, caused by water vapour or moisture in the air coming into contact with a colder surface, such as a window or wall. The drop in temperature causes water (condensation) to form on the surface. This condensation may then soak into the wallpaper, paintwork or plasterwork. Mould spores are invisible to the naked eye but are in the air all around us all of the time, but they will grow on surfaces where condensation has formed into a visible mould covering. 

Dealing with condensation and mould

These quick and easy steps will help you reduce condensation, and therefore the potential for mould, in your home:

  • Ventilate to remove moisture
  • You can ventilate your home without making draughts.
  • Ventilate the kitchen and bathroom when in use by opening the window or better still make use of any fitted ventilation devices such as extractor fans. 
  • If you have an extractor fan fitted and it is not working, please report it to us and we will repair or replace it.
  • Close kitchen and bathroom doors when these rooms are in use, even if your kitchen or bathroom has an extractor fan, as this will help prevent moisture reaching the other rooms, especially bedrooms, which are often colder and more likely to get condensation
  • Ventilate cupboards and wardrobes. Avoid putting too many things in them as this stops the air circulating and leave space between the back of the wardrobes and the wall. Where possible, position wardrobes and furniture against an internal wall
  • If your windows are fitted with trickle vents, it’s important that these are opened to help reduce moisture.
  • Try to produce less moisture


Some ordinary daily activities produce a lot of moisture very quickly, but this can be minimised:

  • Cover pans when cooking and do not leave kettles boiling.
  • Dry washing outdoors on a line, or put it in the bathroom with the door closed and the window open or with the fan on.

Vent any tumble dryer to the outside, (unless it is the self-condensing type).

Should you have any concerns about damp please do not hesitate to contact us 

For further advice please see tips from the Energy Savings Trust: 


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