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What are the charges?

This depends on the service you require, some of our work is completely free however, and some of the work we provide will incur a charge. We will be happy to discuss this when you contact us.

How soon can the work be done?

This depends how busy our in-house team and also how busy the contractors are, however we aim to have the work completed as soon as possible. Some work may require specific materials being ordered etc which may take more time.

Do you do cleaning or removing items to take to the tip?

Unfortunately at this time we do not provide these services.

I’m not sure what the problem is and what I need to do, can you advise me?

We have a technical officer who can come and have a friendly chat with you beforehand and to assess the issues you are facing before a contractor comes out and has a look, this could save you on callout fees as we provide our technical officer service for free.

Are your contractors reliable and cheaper than other contractors?

We are here to provide trusted and reliable contractors; this doesn’t necessarily mean they are any cheaper than those that you would get out of the local paper. We oversee the work from start to finish to make sure you get a high quality service every time and have somebody you can trust to complete the work for you.

Can I have any help with funding?

We can assess you and see if you qualify for any grants or funding. We will have to check whether you fit certain criteria, we are always happy to help however.

What’s the agency fee for?

The 7.5% agency (+VAT) fee is charged on bills that come over £100, this is to help fund the vetting of the contractors so you know only trustworthy contractors will be providing their services to you.

Why do some contractors charge VAT and some not?

Some of our contractors are VAT registered and some are not, this will mean that depending on the contractor that we send out will affect whether you pay VAT or not. Also if a work is deemed to help a disability then VAT will be not be paid, this however is assessed beforehand.

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“I felt like a big weight had been lifted off my shoulders and that I had somebody on my side”

Barbara, WHA resident

“Warrington Housing Association’s Whia service is great, as it helps people stay in their own home, and this is really complimented by the fact that you are then introduced to their other services like the LifeTime centre – which shows they really care for the community they work in.”

Barry and Lynn

“Our home is in a quiet neighbourhood with lovely neighbours – which makes such a difference. But equally, Warrington Housing Association has always been really helpful”

Patrick and Heather, WHA residents

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