Make Your Home Safer in Seconds: Register Your Appliances Today! 

20 Dec 2023

Make Your Home Safer in Seconds: Register Your Appliances Today! 

Do you love how your trusty appliances help you with household jobs? Or did the New Year call for a new dishwasher or kettle? Electrical appliances are fantastic, but have you thought about registering your ownership? 

Register My Appliance Week is running from the 17th to 21st January. AMDEA (The Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances) initiated this safety campaign to encourage consumers to register domestic appliances, ensuring prompt notifications of recalls or safety issues. Electrical fires are a leading cause of domestic fires after cooking. 

It’s quick and easy – visit the [Register My Appliance Website]( and input brand, model name, serial number, and purchase date. 

Register them this week to stay informed about safety repairs or recalls. Let’s make our homes safer together! 🏡🔒  

In a world where safety is paramount, ensuring the well-being of your household has never been easier. One simple step – register all your appliances, up to 12 years old. Here’s a quick Q&A to guide you through the process: 

Q: Who is the campaign aimed at? 

A: Anybody who has a domestic appliance. 

Q: Why should people bother to register an appliance? 

A: Registering major appliances ensures swift notification for crucial safety repairs. Unlike cars, household appliances aren’t automatically registered, making this step essential for a Safer in Seconds home. 

Q: Where can appliances be registered? 

A: Visit [] on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. 

Q: How long does it take? 

A: Designed for ease, the process takes a very short time, making your home Safer in Seconds. 

Q: What information is needed before registration? 

A close-up of a label

Description automatically generatedA: Have the appliance’s serial number, found on the data plate (oven door frame, washing machine door, or inside the fridge). Manufacturers guide you through the process on the website. 

When clicking on the brand at and entering the model, the majority of manufacturers show where to find the data.  

Q: Can only brand new appliances be registered? 

A: No, appliances up to 12 years old can be registered. Most brands accommodate this provision. 

Q: What if someone inherits or receives a used appliance? 

A: Register it like any other appliance, ensuring up-to-date information on its location. 

Q: Why is there a safety of appliances form for internal use? 

A: Offices with domestic appliances can register them at [] for easy safety repair communication. This extends to workplace safety, setting an example for all occupants. 

Q: What brands can be registered? 

A: Over 60 major brands participate in [] 

For further queries, please check their website – Make your home a safer haven – register your appliances today! 


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