Entertaining the kids at Easter, without blowing the budget

29 Mar 2021

Not long now until the Easter holidays are with us. We may still have some restrictions in place, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with the family.

Whether you fancy enjoying some Easter traditions together at home (and eating chocolate of course) or need ideas to make the Easter holidays a success and ease any cries of ‘I’m bored’ – then read on as we have put a handy list together with activities that don’t have to cost a lot, if anything at all.

  1. Have an Easter Egg Hunt – why not hide small chocolate eggs, or other small Easter toys around your house and/or garden. Each egg can have a clue that will lead them to the next egg, with the final one being their big chocolate Easter egg!
  2. Bunny Hop Sack Race – this is really just a take on the traditional sack race but with an Easter twist – by adding some bunny ears! And don’t worry if you don’t have a sack, just use a pillowcase.
  3. An Easter ‘Egg & Spoon’ Race – this can be done using fresh eggs – either hard boiled, or if you’re brave, uncooked! You could also use a smallish ball if you don’t want to use eggs. To make it a bit harder for any big kids – or mums and dads – you can also get them to hop on one leg between the start and finish line!
  4. Have a picnic at the park – from March 29 we can meet up to 6 people outdoors so why not have a picnic and maybe even meet some friends. Picnics can be great fun and there are several local parks in Warrington which would be the perfect venue if you want to get away from the house, or if you don’t have a garden. Make sure you pack some tasty food to keep everyone happy. Top tip: make or buy finger food and then you don’t even need to take any plates or cutlery. Lastly, don’t forget a football or a bat and ball for a game of rounders. Oh, and don’t forget the hand sanitiser!
  5. Send them on a scavenger hunt –a big hit amongst all ages. You can even download and print one of the many free scavenger hunt lists available online. The ideas are endless – bugs, garden objects, different types of materials, household items, anything you want really.
  6. Turn your backyard or garden into an obstacle course – This is bound to be a hit and result in lots of laughter, especially if mum and dad get involved! Use items found in your garage or house to create fun obstacles – for example, brooms, hula hoops, balls, sticks, buckets and even water. Channel your inner TaskMaster!
  7. Go for a nature walk – take a walk around Lymm Dam or Moore Nature Reserve and take in the beautiful nature around you. The kids could borrow your mobile and (under supervision) could take photos of the flowers, leaves, trees and insects they come across. They may even want to print them out and make a scrap book.


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