Moving Out

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" The £100 Golden Goodbye Incentive helped us to buy a new tv. "

If you want to move out of your home and end your tenancy, you should normally give us four weeks’ notice, in writing (as shown in your tenancy agreement).  Please complete the form below and submit to us.  Please hand all the keys in to the office before 10am on the Monday your notice runs out, or before if you want to.  If you delay returning the keys, we may charge you extra rent.  This period of notice gives us enough time to find another tenant for your property.Golden Goodbye

We will visit you before you leave to make sure that your home is in good repair and decorative order and any garden you are responsible for has been looked after.  If any work is needed, we will ask you to do it before you leave.  If you do not put it right we may charge you for the cost of any work and repairs we have to do.

If you leave personal items and any furniture behind, or you do not leave the property clean and tidy, we may also recharge you for the cost of this.

Once we have received your notice we will then arrange to inspect your home.

Moving-out checklist

  • Give us four weeks’ notice in writing
  • Allow us access to carry out a final inspection
  • Leave the property clean and tidy
  • Leave the garden/s and any outbuildings neat and tidy and free of any rubbish  
  • Make sure your rent account is clear
  • Remove all your furniture and belongings, as we may charge you for removing any items
  • Make sure that your gas, electricity and water meters have been read.  Do not forget to get the phone disconnected
  • Lock all windows and doors when you leave
  • Leave a forwarding address for any mail

Return the keys to the office by 10am on Monday at the latest.  Please do not pass the keys to anyone else, as we will charge you rent until we receive them.Golden Goodbye

With our Golden Goodbye incentive, if you do all the above and also allow us full access to carry out any inspections we will give you a one off payment of £100. This payment will be sent to you at your forwarding address.

If you leave owing us outstanding rent or you have damaged your home and you do not make an agreement to clear the debt, we may refer your details onto a debt collection agency.