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We would love for you to join us at the Winter Warm celebration event on 7th February 2018


 Venue: The Gateway 89 Sankey St, Warrington WA1 1SR

A helpful guide to healthy ageing

Flu jabs

The FREE flu vaccination is offered to all people aged 65 plus, young children and those under 65 who have health conditions. You can get your free flu jab at your GP surgery and selected pharmacies.

Winter months

Know how to keep your home warm in the winter months. For example get your boiler and gas fires serviced, find out how to insulate your home and get advice about reducing your fuel bills.

Reduce the risk of falling

Reduce the risk of having a fall and ending up in hospital. Remove potential home hazards, wear sensible shoes and take care when out and about, particularly in icy conditions.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Know the signs and symptoms of depression and dementia and seek help early. Signs of depression include a loss of confidence, avoiding people and no longer enjoying things that you used to do.

Health Screening

Make sure you take part in health screening for example Bowel Cancer Screening it could save your life. Please ask about screening the next time you visit your GP. 

Eat a good healthy diet

A healthy, balanced diet is needed to supply the body with energy, essential nutrients and fibre. Aim to eat at least 5 portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables every day and reduce your salt intake as much as possible.

Regularly review your medicines

Make sure you are having your medications reviewed regularly.

This can be done by your GP, or your pharmacist can give you detailed advice on your medicine, provide treatment for common health problems and give healthy lifestyle advice.

Involve yourself  in  the community

Keep yourself active and involved in your community this will help stop you from becoming isolated and lonely.

Check your benefit entitlement

Make sure you are claiming everything you are entitled to. Many people do not realise what they qualify for, so a quick check with Citizens Advice Bureau (01925 246994) or Age UK (01925 244645) might be useful.

Keep Hydrated

Make sure you drink enough fluid (e.g. water) and watch the amount of alcohol you are drinking, because as we get older we become more sensitive to the effect of alcohol.Independent Living

Consider how equipment or minor alterations to your property may help you to remain safe and independent at home. For information and advice go to the Warrington Borough Council website, alternatively you may want  to contact WHiA (Warrington Home  Information and Improvement Agency) at or  call  them on Tel: 01925 246812.   There is also the Centre for Independent Living, who you can call on 01925 240 064.